Mindfulness in Action


MindfulnessInActionBook-standing_300x374Simple Steps to Finding Peace in Your Life with this hands-on guide to creating peace amidst the chaos.

Are you living a half-experience or a heart-experience?

Living mindfully is the courage for self-exploration, self-disclosure, re-creation and perspective. It’s moving through any fear and taking action.

It is the conscious choice to stay in the present moment that breaks us free from our patterns and our instant reactions, allowing us to passionately, mindfully enjoy our life with calm acceptance of each moment.

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About Sharon

Sharon Salyler

I abhor labels, yet for sake of expediency, I’m a modern-day explorer of the mind, author, speaker and trainer.

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What Others Are Saying About Mindfulness In Action

  • Here is a duality to life. Life must have both stillness and constant change. However, when we live life mindfully, our actions reflect it, which then brings us the life experiences we truly seek. Sharon Sayler takes us deeper into this truth and natural way of being, through her words and wisdom. Press pause… your life will be enriched by this book.

    ~ Laura Simonson

  • In today’s world we rush about trying to do so much and yet never really stopping to appreciate the moments. Whether that be to watch the wind blowing in the trees, a child showing us their latest creation or what a friend or partner is telling us.

    We can all fall so easily into the technology trap with our heads down looking at the latest piece of information on our smart phones and we forget what is around us.  Those ‘real life’ moments can be lost forever unless we really take time out and engage again.

    Sharon’s wonderful book will take you through the process of coming ‘back to life’ and why we all need to cherish those moments away from our busy lives, not only for health benefits but also for the benefit of the world around us.

    Sharon teaches us how to look up again and engage once more with what is happening around us.

    Sharon you are a star and thank you for bringing me ‘back to life’ again.

    ~ Simon Jordan – Founder of One Planet One Place

  • Once again, Sharon Sayler did not disappoint! I have been following Sharon Sayler’s work for years, and know her as an outstanding coach who has the ability to break down complex issues into bite size, easy to digest pieces. The outstanding principles she teaches in Mindfulness In Action are applicable to anyone who would like to create a peaceful life amidst the chaos in our world today. An excellent read.

    ~ Viki Winterton – Founder of Expert Insights Publishing

  • Sharon Sayler’s book cuts through the noise and distraction of modern life and gives you the tools to have mindfulness everyday. I felt more peace and awareness in my life just reading chapters in her wonderful book than I have in years.

    ~ Mike Michalowicz – Author of Profit First