Sharon Sayler, MBA, ACC trains professional women to enhance their leadership skills by increasing their own self awareness. To flourish in the business world of today, she believes women must bring their whole self to the table. As a passionate, life-long student herself, Sharon is on a continual journey in search of the best ways to motivate, to persuade, and to achieve lasting results. Her professional passion is sharing what she has learned on her quest with the women she mentors daily. You can also learn more about Sharon Sayler at


As a speaker, trainer and author, Sharon enjoys teaching others to make conscious and courageous choices to create the life they want and deserve. She has seen an immense transformation in my well-being since I began taking action each day to stay present and make little positive changes every day. Small changes make significant impact over time….

Her hope is that you too will benefit from the incredible knowledge that she has received through her own “stress recovery” and education on staying mindful and in the moment. It’s only through shared knowledge that we will have the power to live well, regardless of our circumstances.

Mindfulness in Action is for living a vibrant, energetic life based on real connection to your self and others to create real relationships based on trust, permission and love.

Let’s take a closer look at what this site is all about and at everything it offers you…

Mindful or not mindful, change when you wish, if you wish… only you know when the time is right. Yet, all too often we refuse to admit where we are. Change is a choice and it can come in many ways.

You will find articles, resources, free audio and video guides and meditations, as well as Action and Strategy sheets you can download and enjoy. One of our favorites items in the community is the Mindful Journal. We love how it shows the patterns of life, as surprise is the enemy of competence. Through using the journal, you’ll be able to see the “seasons” of your life. Wonderful!

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We only ask that you entertain all ideas whether you choose a new action, a change, or not. You may find some or all of the ideas are easy to implement in one area of your life and not so easy in another. That is common. Continue to play and observe, try an idea or two… feel free to discard what doesn’t work for you or store it away. You never know what may work at a later time or what you may be able to share with others.


Dear Friend and Fellow Adventurer,

Congratulations and thank you for your interest in mindfulness.

Many think mindfulness equals meditation. I tried to mediate for years – I couldn’t sit still long enough even to stare at a TV. My beloved Aunt Myrtle used to say about my younger self, “That girl has ants in her pants!”

As an adult, I’ve mastered neuro-linguistic programming, thought-pattern-management, meditation, and hypnosis along with many other techniques to see if I could command my mind to focus and stay in the moment. Through all that training, I discovered I’m a kinesthetic learner and for me the best way to be mindful is to be in action: my best ideas come either in the shower or while cleaning house.

But those are only ideas until I get feedback as I chose to act on those ideas and in turn, observe others in the moment as they experience their now, from a different viewpoint. And it’s the Four-minute Meditation that allows me to calm my mind and reset my energies.

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Practice the Four-Minute Meditation, a couple of times a day, or more if you like. It’s worked wonders for me and fits in my busy, “ants in the pants” schedule.

Having coached hundreds of people to reach their goals, I have seen some common areas where even successful people get stuck. It’s not uncommon to have more hope lost the longer you stay stuck. That is why I chose to write Mindfulness in Action: A Hands-On Guide To Creating Peace Amidst The Chaos.

To stay in the now is a choice we make over and over each day and everyone (including myself!) could always use some practice.

Practice is taking action—but what action?

It’s only through taking action and observing the response, yours and the world’s reaction(s), that you will ever know the true meaning of your circumstances. It’s in the meaning that you give the current situation and how you choose to react to that meaning that determines your outcome.

Staying on your course.

Even though we humans are built to be part of a tribe, and I again encourage you to join ours here, don’t let other people or ideologies tell you who you are — they are just to provide you a greater understanding of the whole experience.

Vetting those “best” ideas with others is how I understand the impact I have or don’t have. It’s only when the loop is closed in how you choose to act and react and how the worlds reacts that you learn whether your awareness is true or not.

I only ask you to commit to putting your heart, head and soul into the moment and make the choice to entertain the ideas presented here — play with them — see how they work in your life. But remember, if you only set your mind to change, change rarely happens.

We change only within the way we view the world; if we continue to view the world the same way, nothing will change. That’s why I suggest you “play” with change.

The reason change often feels hard is not the experience of change; here again, it is the meaning or the story you attach to change. The reason why you are changing is the meaning and if the meaning is not your choice, change often comes about as something we have to do. And who likes to do something they have to do?

Yet, when we “play” with something, as in take a physical action, we experience it from a different point of view. Different points of view, whether we get them from others or us approaching something with play, give us a different meaning about the change.

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You never know when small things will have profound effects. Surprise yourself!

The choice is yours to make: mindful action or not. Yet, I encourage you to choose to explore your courage, imagination, creativity, wonder and curiosity as you create, recreate, transform and renew your passions for and in life and align with your purposes.

Seek out mentors to help you develop your special purposes, gifts and passions that make you— YOU.

We are all about continued personal development, no matter what place you are at in your life. There is always something to learn or share. The aim of Mindfulness in Action is to not change anything about you—you are a perfect being, complete and whole, just the way you are, if that’s what you choose. Its purpose is to continue to explore this grand adventure of life together!

Life’s short. Take Mindful Action now.
Live each moment, whatever your adventure!
Warm regards,

P.S. Let’s cut to the chase and talk about results. Change can be unsettling, but it all is in how you structure change; join the community today.
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