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Breathing is the most often overlooked and underestimated nonverbal AND the first thing other people (unconsciously) see that they judge you on. How you are breathing often determines your success – or not….

Shallow, rapid (fight-or-flight) breathing is considered normal breathing by far too many of us. Yet, shallow rapid breathing adds to the frantic chaos feeling so many of us experience as we go about our day.  It seems like a simple solution, just breathe fully… right? Well, it’s not always that easy, especially when you let the “what-ifs” hijack your mind and run away with your thoughts.

The single, most powerful skill I’ve learned is to control my breathing no matter the situation. Reminding myself to breathe naturally and comfortably, through tick and thin, keeps me thinking clearly, allows for fluid movement and delivers a nonverbal message of confidence and poise.

Breathing is more than supplying oxygen to your lungs.

When you experience a surprise or a shock that takes you out of the moment, you most often gasp, then hold your breath, which will activate your fight-or-flight response! How you breathe also profoundly influences your mood, how your brain functions, how sensitive your nerves are, how tired or alert you feel and shallow breathing activates your “fight or flight” response.

How you are breathing is contagious too. It directly influences those around you. To release your shock and relax those around you, breathe in through the nose and blow (exhale) out through the mouth. Your body relaxes on your exhale, and when you relax, you are able to come back to the present moment quickly.

Know how to breathe

Take full, deep, 360-degree breaths.  A 360-breath is when you feel your ribs and your back expand….  Critical to know: 360-degree breathing amplifies your current experience and it can seem to slow down time.

Breathe!  Just breathe…. It will change your life and when considering the alternative (not breathing) it’s the best option you have!



“I’ve got to keep breathing. It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t.” ~ Steve Martin, actor, author and comedian


Quick Tip ===>>  No matter the chaos swirling around you, quick meditations that focus on breathing work to settle your mind. When your mind is settled you can focus on the moment.  Focused breathing will activate your “rest-and-digest” response — the opposite of fight-or-flight, which is activated by shallow and rapid breathing.

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The “great gurus” tell us to stay in the moment… and I encourage you to take their advice.

Yet, I know it’s not as easy as it sounds though.  It does get easier and easier with practice, so play with ways to make it easy.

I’ve found a little mantra that works for me to stay in the moment. My “mantra” is a paraphrase of the ending of the movie Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, scripted from the wonderful book by the same name written by Daniel Millman. My mantra is: “Here. Now. The Moment…”

Mantras can snap you back to the moment as all too often autopilot kicks in and moments creep up on us and surprise us.

Surprise is the enemy of being present! Surprise takes you out of the moment and catapults you into the past and/or the future with thoughts like, “What just happened?” “What does that mean?” and “What will happen next?”

“Here, Now, The Moment” reminds me to focus on the now, within that moment, rather than future pacing or past ruminating.

What’s your reminder mantra to come back to the moment?


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Surprise is the enemy of being present! Surprise takes you out of the moment and catapults you into the past and/or the future with thoughts like, “What just happened?” “What does that mean?” and “What will happen next?”

Do you notice little twinges just before? Do you have “gut-instincts?” Do you “see-it-coming?” On not….

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a soundtrack behind each moment of our life (just like the movies) to warn us of impending doom?

Or of a new love?


A soundtrack to motivate you when needed, those creepy violins to warn you when something bad is about to happen, or the whispery sounds of harps to gently mellow you into meditation….

  • What would your “in the moment” soundtrack be?
  • What mantra will you use to snap you back-into-the-now when you wander from the current moment?