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Surprise is the enemy of being present! Surprise takes you out of the moment and catapults you into the past and/or the future with thoughts like, “What just happened?” “What does that mean?” and “What will happen next?”

Do you notice little twinges just before? Do you have “gut-instincts?” Do you “see-it-coming?” On not….

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a soundtrack behind each moment of our life (just like the movies) to warn us of impending doom?

Or of a new love?


A soundtrack to motivate you when needed, those creepy violins to warn you when something bad is about to happen, or the whispery sounds of harps to gently mellow you into meditation….

  • What would your “in the moment” soundtrack be?
  • What mantra will you use to snap you back-into-the-now when you wander from the current moment?


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