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The “great gurus” tell us to stay in the moment… and I encourage you to take their advice.

Yet, I know it’s not as easy as it sounds though.  It does get easier and easier with practice, so play with ways to make it easy.

I’ve found a little mantra that works for me to stay in the moment. My “mantra” is a paraphrase of the ending of the movie Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, scripted from the wonderful book by the same name written by Daniel Millman. My mantra is: “Here. Now. The Moment…”

Mantras can snap you back to the moment as all too often autopilot kicks in and moments creep up on us and surprise us.

Surprise is the enemy of being present! Surprise takes you out of the moment and catapults you into the past and/or the future with thoughts like, “What just happened?” “What does that mean?” and “What will happen next?”

“Here, Now, The Moment” reminds me to focus on the now, within that moment, rather than future pacing or past ruminating.

What’s your reminder mantra to come back to the moment?


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