Welcome to Mindfulness In Action

“Mindfulness” is defined as being aware of what you do each and every moment. What a tall order! How do we maintain awareness when autopilot is so easy? We maintain awareness through mindful action.

I really do believe that staying mindful, aware and present in the moment can be your best medicine to reduce stress, getting more done, and creating the relationships and life that you want and love.

This website will share with you my experience, presented as unbiased as possible, about how to live well using mindfulness, perception and observation and real-world action steps so you too can create what you desire. We just can’t meditate our way to the life we desire… it does require you take action ~ that’s what this site is all about….

Here at Mindfulness In Action, you’ll learn exactly what you should do and how to “exercise” your mind and body to get your life in order, reduce stress and reclaim your life to create your healthiest mind and body to take control of your life. As the title of the book promises ~ a hands-on guide to creating peace amidst the chaos ~ that is my promise to you.

As you read this book and enjoy the site, I only ask you to commit to putting your heart, head and soul into the moment and make the choice to entertain the ideas presented here — play with them — see how they work in your life. If you set your mind to change, change rarely happens. We change only within the way we view the world; that’s why I suggest play with change. The problem is not just the experience of change; it is the meaning or the story you attach to the change. Your “why” is the meaning. When we play we experience from a different view — a different story.

Mindfulness in Action is not based on any religious or spiritual belief. Its only spiritual component is that we are spiritual beings having an earthbound experience. It has no ceremonies, rituals, or dogma. It just has ideas, tips and techniques that have worked for myself and others; so enjoy, play and practice the art of being present in the moment… practice joy. You never know when small things will have profound effects.

Know that there is no Holy Grail that contains your one and only life purpose. Use your passion for life to find your life. We were all born with two amazing gifts: natural skills and the capacity to learn. Only by taking actions based on what you’ve discovered by going within will you find where you gain the knowledge, clarity and focus to achieve your desired destiny and a life worth living.

Choose to open yourself up to courage, imagination, creativity, wonder and curiosity as you create, recreate, transform and renew your passions for and in life and align with your purposes.

No worries, mindful action is not just about mastering a set of skills. When we master something, it becomes a predictable routine, which we automate… that which we master too often goes over to our autopilot. Mindful action is not something anyone can give you. It is already within you. By choosing to be effective in your actions and focus on practicing awareness and joy in all aspects of life ~ even “in the rain” ~ you unlock all that you are passionate about and live the life you want.

Have a great time enjoying the adventures of life.
To Success! To Life!